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Jeff Dunham – Amerykański Brzuchomówca

Nagranie wyemitowanie w Comedy Central w USA 23 Sierpnia 2007r.

Plik wideo zawiera:
– wstęp w którym Jeff opowiada troszkę o sobie i swojej rodzinie.
– „Skecze” Jeffa z Wlterem, Achmedem , Peanutem , Hose(on a Stick)

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Ventriloquist Jeff Dunhams second live-performance DVD, Spark of Insanity, is much funnier than his first, Arguing With Myself, perhaps because his new puppets allow him to cover more controversial territory beyond skits about family beefs and office humor. Though some puppets reappear, like the beloved Peanut, a purple monkey who loves wordplay, new characters emerge as the stars of this hour-long stand-up show. A tense laughter ripples through the audience, for example, when Dunham announces his wish to talk with a terrorist as he brings out Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a turban-sporting skeleton whos refrain is I will kill you! Previous show star, Jose Jalapeo, a Mexican chili pepper on a stick, returns for a discussion about whether the puppet has a green card.

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