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Papa, umer ded moroz 1992 RUS Napisy ENG

Produkcja: ZSRR
Gatunek: Horror
Data premiery: 1992-09-15 (Świat)
Reżyseria: Yevgeny Yufit
Scenariusz: Vladimir Maslov
Zdjęcia: Alexander Burov
Czas trwania: 81 min.

Na podstawie powieści Aleksieja Tołstoj „Rodzina wilkołaka”.

Opis filmu :

A biologist, obsessed with the idea of writing a treatise on a new kind of mouse, becomes witness to a number of bizarre and horrific events, from his son's suicide, to the S&M engaged in by respectable middle-aged men, to his own family's psychic morbidity.
It is, though, a strange movie. It's stylistic background is the type of Eastern European visual poetry usually associated with Tarkovski, Sokurov and Paradzhanov: Long shots, unusual narrative that stresses poetic intensity over plot and psychology, a general alignment to the metaphysical condition of human existence. Yet, Yufit's outlook is much darker than that of those above. The central character of this dissociated story travels to see relatives on the countryside, mostly sordid, listless characters that hardly ever talk. A group of men in black suits haunt the area, involving people in weird rituals. In a separate storyline, a blind old man and a sick-looking boy built mortal traps in a labyrinthine bunker. There is very little dialog, little sense of continuity and a deliberate lack of explanation. Yet, the atmosphere of the film is intense – otherwise it would not have stayed with me that long: It is as if all the hopes for redemption or ascension to a higher spiritual level that imbue the films of Tarkovski have ceased to exist and left a black hole, an icy emptiness: The sense of spiritual deprivation is overwhelming. Difficult, but recommended for the tiny audience it was made for.

* 1992 – Nagroda Główna na MFF w Rimini



Ivan Ganzha
Maksim Gribov
Ludmila Kozlovskaya
Anatolij Jegorow
Boris Ilyasov
Valery Krishtapenko

Info: 8/10 (głosów: 1),1992

IMDb: 6.3/10 (głosów: 29)

Rozmiar pliku: 700 Mb
Valid Yes
Movie complete: Yes


Resolution: 512×384 (4:3)
Bitrate: 1029 Kb/s, 25,00 FPS, Qf: 0,21 bits/pixel
Codec: XviD MPEG – 4


Number of channels: 6
Sample Rate: 48000Hz
Bitrate: 256 Kbp/s
Codec: ATSC/A-52 Dolby AC3

Rozmiar: 700.34 MiB

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