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Making the most of the power of Xbox 360, Smash Court Tennis 3 boasts enhanced graphics including improved player animations, realistic shadows, skin shaders and High Dynamic Range rendering which combine to deliver a greater level of realism and immersion for the player. A host of customizing options allows players to choose rackets, shoes, hairstyles, skin tone and clothing to create their own unique star of the courts. New gameplay includes a system which lets all players, no matter what their skill level, benefit quickly from the powerful shots and finely honed skills of the star players.

General Features

* Challenge the Best: Play with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Justine Henin, and other tennis stars, and master their unique playing style
* Real Life Tennis Experience: Tour the world with your favorite players on more than a dozen courts and championships
* More Than Just Rallies: Five exciting modes, including Arcade mode, Tutorial mode, Exhibition mode, Pro Tour mode, and unique mini-games
* All New Pro Tour Mode: Acquire new skills, allocate experience points, train for important matches, and receive fan mail, all while on the hunt for the #1 spot on the tour
* Customization: Customize your characters and items
* Challenge your friends: Compete with your friends at home or online around the world

Release Group: iMARS
Release Name: Smash.Court.Tennis.3.USA.XBOX360-iMARS
Release Date: August 20, 2008
Filename: imars-sct3
Platform: Xbox 360
Region: USA
Size: 6.43 GB
Genre: Sports
Developer: Namco


Rozmiar: 6.43 GiB

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