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# Director: Frederick Alexander
# Genre: Comedy
# Year of Production: June 3, 2008
# Country: English
# Language: Well Go USA
# Cast: Michael Blackson, Juan Branch, Walter Fauntleroy, Erika Cameron

# Plot: You're Triflin is currently today's hot term and topic in the hood. Two brothers trying to do right by their ladies start Triflin by temptations of quick cash easy women and the lure of a better life. Trying to raise easy money and gain more respect from their women Keith (Juan Branch) and Tray (Walter Fautleroy) host a comedy show at the Viper Club with expectations of taking a big cut of the house money. The climatic conclusion takes place when a local mobster who Keith and Tray owe money to decides to pop in the club for a disruptive visit. Michael Blackson famous as the African Comic does a funny cameo routine during the disruptive Viper Club scene.

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